Verenice V-Blog 17: Making of „I wish“

Samstag, 11 April, 2009 um 17:28 | Veröffentlicht in Lebensretter, V-Blog | 1 Kommentar
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In this episode, you can see the Making of the music video for „I wish“, a song I recorded with the children of the Kamala Center in the slums of New Delhi for my Aktion Lebensretter.

In dieser Episode seht Ihr das Making of des Musikvideos für „I wish“, einem Song, den ich mit den Kindern des Kamala Centers in den Slums von Neu Delhi für meine Aktion Lebensretter aufgenommen habe.

Lyrics „I wish“:

No fighting, we all want peace
No garbage in our streets
More flowers and more trees
A nice and safe community

I wish I had my own bed
New shoes, a nice saree
I wish I could go to school
And then to university

Ik khyab thoda sa paisa (I wish I had some money)
Taaki ma ko ik tohfa dun (To buy a gift for my mom)
Ik khyab ek gudiya (I wish I had a doll)
Pure din usse mein khelun (I’d play with it all day long)

Less shouting, more explaining
A playground with a swing
Proper electricity
Clean water for you and me

I wish I was a dancer
I wish I knew how to read
I wish my neighbors were nicer
‘Cause I know that I’m unique


Music video „I wish“ for Aktion Lebensretter

Donnerstag, 26 März, 2009 um 0:09 | Veröffentlicht in Lebensretter | 1 Kommentar
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In February, I visited the slums of Delhi again to record a song with the children of Aktion Lebensretter. The slum kids wrote new lyrics for my brand new single „Big Boy“ and sing about their dreams, hopes and wishes in this music video „I wish“.

Im Februar besuchte ich mal wieder die Slums von Neu Delhi, um dort mit den Kindern der Aktion Lebensretter einen Song aufzunehmen. Die Kinder texteten meine brandneue Single „Big Boy“ um und singen in diesem Musikvideo „I wish“ von ihren Träumen, Hoffnungen und Wünschen.

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